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Young Males

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Brycarda's Ajax

Yellow Star's Isaac x Brycarda's Sauvignon Blanc

June 24/20

Ajax has a beautiful crimp, with a long staple length. His light fawn fibre is gorgeous.

Show Record: Second place 2021 Majestic, 2022 ALPACA Spring Halter, 2022 WCAC Composite


Bourbon's Cognac AA

Brycarda's Bourbon x Mariah AA

May 27/21

Medium fawn with crimp, brightness and staple length. He has great conformation and personality to spare.

Show Record: Second place 2022 WCAC Composite (with brightness card), Third place 2022 ALPACA Spring Halter


Brycarda's Dionysus

Mountain View's Titan x Tocino's Chardonnay

July 19/20

Dionysus is another great Chardonnay offspring! Density, brightness, nice crimp, and a great personality.

Show Record: Second place 2023 CNASF, Third place 2022 WCAC Composite, Fourth place 2023 ALPACA Spring


Brycarda's Orpheus

Tocino's Zaire x Rocky Pines Raven

June 9/21

True Black with awesome brightness and staple length. As a juvenile, he sheared 9.5lbs of gorgeous, glossy fleece.


Brycarda's Helios

Mountain View's Titan x Tocino's Graduation Princess

July 11/20

Helios is bright white, with a great head shape and beautiful conformation.

Show Record: First place 2023 CNASF

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