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Tocino's Chardonnay

Tocino's Dante x RFA Topaz


One of our premier Foundation Females, Chardonnay is a beige in colour, with a glossy fine fleece. She has a tight crimp and long staple length. 

Chardonnay's 2022 EPDs place her in the top 5% for %>30 and top 15% for SDAFD and FW

Show Results:

1st place

WCAC Fleece Show 2017,

WCAC Composite Show 2016,  

3rd  place

WCAC Fleece Show 2016.


2017 Brycarda's Bourbon (Tocino's Matrix) - has placed first in class

2018 Brycarda's Sauvignon Blanc (Tocino's Matrix) - has placed first in class

2019 Brycarda's Chianti (Yellow Star's Isaac) - has placed first in class

2020 Brycarda's Dionysus (Mountainview's Titan) - has placed second in class

2021 Brycarda's Cabernet (Tocino's Max) has placed fourth in class

2023 Brycarda's Vermouth (Brycarda's Rift)

Lineage & EPDs

Pictured left is Brycarda's Sauvignon Blanc



Pictured left is Brycarda's Chianti

Pictured right is Brycarda's Bourbon

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