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Brycarda Fibre Art

Brycarda Warping the Loom
Brycarda Twill Design Scarf
Brycarda Lightweight Scarves
Brycarda V-shawl
Brycarda Twill Scarves
Brycarda Lightweight Scarf
Brycarda Weaving
Brycarda Lopi Scarf
Brycarda Woven Rug
Brycarda hand-dyed lopi

All our items are hand-dyed and handcrafted in our own studio, using the fibre from our own alpacas

Below you will see the various items we make here on site. Click the buttons to view galleries of past products we have made. If you see something you like, please feel free to send us a request to make it again, just for you.


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Alpaca Sofa Blankets

 Alpaca handwoven sofa blankets. This is a beautiful addition to your home is handwoven and hand-dyed right in our studio. They measure 60"x 43" and are perfect to cuddle up on the sofa with.

Blue and fawn wrap.jpg

Alpaca Wraps/Scarves

Our alpaca handwoven scarves are made with the finest of our fibre. Luxurious on a chilly evening, these scarves wraps you up in a little piece of heaven. Handwoven and hand-dyed right in our studio, they come in a variety of colours and designs.


Alpaca Shawls

Alpaca handwoven shawls are enveloping garments handwoven and hand-dyed right in our studio.


Alpaca Felted Pebble Rugs

A unique accent rug for your home, hand felted with alpaca fibre, right in our own studio.

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