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Brycarda's Sauvignon Blanc
Tocino's Matrix x Tocino's Chardonnay

Sauvignon Blanc is a premium vintage! She is a solid, straight, very white female with fineness, handle, character, AND density. Her FIRST shearing produced 8.4 pounds of glossy loveliness, resulting in top marks for blanket fleece weight at every fleece show entered! In her second year, she sheared 10.4lbs while carrying her first cria. Her EPDs indicate she will pass on her fleece traits, including density.

Show Record

First place:

2019 ALPACA Spring Halter

2019 ALPACA Fleece

Second place:

2022 ALPACA Spring Halter 

Third place:

2019 SABN Fleece

Fourth place:

2019 CNASF

2019 WCAC Fleece

2019 WCAC Composite


2020 Brycarda's Ajax (Yellow Star's Isaac) - has placed second in class

2021 Brycarda's Amethyst (Tocino's Genesis Express)

2023 Brycarda's Cobalt (FDA Divine Love's Regal Express)


Lineage & EPD

Pictured left is Brycarda's Ajax

Pictured right is Blanc's 4th fleece 

blanc fleece 22.HEIC


Pictured right is Brycarda's Amethyst

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