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Rocky Pines Raven

Raven is a true black female with an excellent staple length. Her EPDs place her in the top 1% for MSL, and her 2021 offspring, Brycarda's Orpheus has proven it! She has a beautiful square conformation and good size.


2021 Brycarda's Orpheus (Tocino's Zaire)

2023 Bycarda's Osiris  (Enchanted's Bragi)


Brycarda's Opalescence

Brycarda's Diego x Sunnyhill's Henrietta


Opal is all character, and let's not forget her long flowing Suri locks! She has proven herself as a survivor while keeping an endearing attitude toward her humans.


Brycarda's Crescendo

BAL Tahir x Brycarda's Chianti

Crescendo is a large, square juvenile female who weaned at 120 pounds. A beautiful dark fawn colour, with a large square frame, she is fine, and has a great staple length. Her first fleece was an enviable 8 pounds.

EPD & Lineage

Brycarda's Amethyst

Tocino's Genesis Express x Brycarda's Sauvignon Blanc

Amethyst is a beautiful white female with a sweet personality. She is quiet and unassuming, easy to work with. Her fleece is coming in nicely after a very rough start to life.

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