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Bourbon oct22.heic

Brycarda's Bourbon
Tocino's Matrix x Tocino's Chardonnay

Bourbon has fleece coverage and crimp that we all dream of. With enviable character and density of fleece, the result of breeding these 2 lines has paid off. Both grand-dams have several 1% EPD rankings, as does his sire.

Bourbon's fourth fleece was 10lbs of light fawn luxury, and as you can see from his show record, the judges confirm he is "improving with age."

Show Results

First place:

2022 WCAC Fleece

2021 WCAC Fleece

2021 SABN Fleece

2019 CNASF Halter

2019 ALPACA Fleece

2019 WCAC Fleece

2019 WCAC Composite

Second place:

2022 ALPACA Fleece

2022 SABN Fleece

2021 ALPACA Fleece

2020 WCAC Fleece

2019 ALPACA Spring Halter

2018 WCAC Fleece

2018 WCAC Composite

Third place:

2018 CNASF 

Fourth place:

2018 ALPACA Spring Halter

2018 Lloydminster Alpaca Showcase Fleece


Bourbon's Cognac AA has placed second in class with handle card

Bourbon's Amaretto of Brycarda has placed first in class with handle and brightness card

Stud Fee: $1000



Bourbon Fleece.jpg



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