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Brycarda Fibre Art Boutique

Finding Inspiration in Every Thread

Here at Byrcarda Alpacas, we believe in handcrafting all our own products right here, from the fleece of the alpacas we raise. Once a year (in the spring) we shear our alpacas ourselves (with a lot of very dedicated helpers), then have the fleece spun into yarn at a Canadian Micromill. The yarn is used to weave, knit and felt products by us, here in our studio.

Woven blanket.jpg

From Alpaca to Product

Once shorn, we sort the fibre into similar groups of colour, length and fineness, then send it off to be spun into various yarns based on these attributes. The yarn is either left its beautiful, natural colour, or hand dyed in individual dye pots in our studio. Then we weave, knit, or felt our unique hand-crafted items. Every item shown below has been made in our studio, with fibre from our animals.

One of a Kind, Just for You

To Order any of our products, or if you have any questions (such as dimensions or would like to see more photos of a particular item), please email us with your request. Once you are confident about your choices, an invoice will be set up, with shipping costs established. We accept payment by PayPal or e-transfer and will ship your item within 2-3 days.

We take commission orders as well.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at some of the past items we have created in our studio. Click the button below, and tell us what you would like.

Click the button below, or email us at

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