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2019 at Brycarda

2019 saw a few challenges at Brycarda. To start the year off, I acquired a floor loom and learned to weave. The fibre house was quickly organized into a studio, where all fibre sorting, yarn dying and weaving could happen under the supervision of Atticus and Roxy (the kitties).

The CNASF and ALPACA Spring shows in Red Deer in April were a great success for us, with Isabella receiving a Reserve Champion. Bourbon, Blanc, and Bashir all received first placings in their classes.

Safely back home, shearing was a new challenge, as we attempted to shear our herd ourselves. With the help of our great shearing team, we pulled it off.

Next came sorting and skirting all those fleeces for the mill, shipping it off,

Reserve Champion Brycarda's Isabella

and then patiently waiting for our yarn to come back...

Meanwhile, out in the paddocks, we were attempting embryo transfer once again. In August, Freja spat off the male, telling us she was indeed pregnant with an embryo transplanted from Chardonnay!! That was a spectacular day at Brycarda Alpacas!

Next time: the second installment of events in 2019.

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