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No Alpaca Shows, Back to Weaving

With the COVID-19 Pandemic a reality for all of us, it is no surprise when I tell you our spring shows for the alpacas were cancelled for the time being. With the requirement for self-isolation, I went to work in the fibre house, finishing projects and organizing work spaces.

This is our latest release, the shadow weave mobius wrap. I designed and showed you a prototype on Facebook a few months back, but only finished production recently. These are now available in our shop if you are interested. The shadow weave design in the fabric fascinates me, both while weaving and once finished. The three-dimensional appearance is appealing and addictive. While creating a stylish garment that drapes beautifully, the mobius wrap is easy and comfortable to wear, even to run errands.

For those interested in the technical aspect, this is woven on a 4 shaft floorloom. Shadow weave is created in plain weave by alternating dark and light threads in both the warp and the weft. This wrap is woven as a single length, then a twist is added before sewing one of the short edges along the distal side edge. I absolutely love this design, and you will likely see many versions of it in the coming months!

Stay safe everyone, and find something to do to stay happy while cooped up at home.

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