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Getting Ready for the Spring Shows

The alpacas have spent the winter growing lovely locks of crimpy fleece, and now it's time to show our best alpacas off at the annual Canadian National Alpaca Sale and Futurity (CNASF) and the ALPACA Spring Show. These are both halter shows where the animals enter the show ring in full fleece, to be judged on the merits of their fleece quality AND their conformation. Having two shows in one weekend is hectic, but allows us to show our alpacas in front of two different judges for the same amount of travel. An excellent idea when we alpaca breeders are scattered across Canada.

The CNASF is a futurity show, meaning certain sires are subscribed, and only offspring from those sires are eligible to show at this event. This is a premium event with high paying prize money for those that place well. There is a select sale/lottery attached to this event, and premium alpacas will be available for purchase. This is an exciting way to bring new genetics to your breeding program from farms located far away.

The ALPACA Spring show is an open show, meaning any alpaca registered in Canada (with the CLAA) is eligible to be shown. The competition is fierce, as the class sizes are large.

Here on the farm, halter training juveniles (especially those going to the show), is in full swing. Every alpaca is a little different in how they adjust, but there are definitely two different classes; those who accept, and those who don't! In the unaccepting category, there are the "full reverse" alpacas, the "deer leaping" alpacas, and of course everyone's favourite, the "fall over on your side in protest" alpacas. But if we're lucky, we have one or two in the group who accept the process easily and are willing to walk calmly on a lead the first time you try.

Once the show string has been chosen, and registrations are in, we eagerly await the shows themselves. These are an opportunity to show off your animals yes, but just as important is the opportunity to re-connect with friends in the alpaca world who live a province or 2 (or 3) away. We are looking forward to it!!

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