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Shades of Midnight

Today's news comes from the fibre side of the operation. At Brycarda Alpacas, we utilize our fibre by having the prime blanket fleece spun into yarn at a micro mill here in Canada, then hand dying the yarn ourselves in our fibre house. These yarns then go for sale locally or online. Since I couldn't possibly turn down an opportunity to knit with premium alpaca yarn, I keep some back to play with myself. Here is my latest creation with the eye catching colourway Shades of Midnight.

As a knitter, I was so happy with how nice this yarn was to knit up. As a hand dyer, I was so thrilled with how glossy the colours came out. For those fellow knitters, this is "Crazy Stripes Tee", by alfa knits.

For me, alpaca farming has provided so many opportunities to play and learn. And every day we learn something new, it's a good day!

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