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  • Kristina Brew

Embryo Transfer at Brycarda Alpacas

Today was the first day of our embryo transfer breeding program here at Brycarda Alpacas. Embryo Transfer has recently been accepted by our alpaca registries. Therefore, we can now use this technique, previously developed and perfected in other livestock species, to further our breeding programs. In a nutshell, instead of your best female alpaca having only one cria each year, she can now have 2, 3, or even 20 each season. This is accomplished with natural breeding your male and female, then transferring the embryo from that breeding into another female alpaca. This can be repeated several times in one season, giving you several cria from that one female.

Our breeding today was with BAL Tahir and Tell Esme. In one week, we will confirm she is pregnant, flush the embryo out of the uterus, and place that embryo into one of our other girls.

Check back next week for an update, and if you have any questions regarding embryo transfer in alpacas, please feel free to contact us.

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