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  • Kristina Brew

Red Deer Alpaca Shows 2017

Our trip to Red Deer for the CNASF and ALPACA Spring Show earlier in the month, was a great success! Not just in terms of the placings for our animals, but also to experience the comradery this industry has for its members, old and new!

Tocino's Max, our young male co-owned with Tocino Alpacas, claimed 3rd place in a competitive fawn yearling male class at the CNASF. The following day, he placed fourth in this same class for the ALPACA Spring Show. These 2 shows were held completely separate, with different judges, and in many cases different animals competing, on the same weekend, allowing double the opportunity to showcase our animals for one trip.

Tocino's Beric, our wealing male, also did very well. He was not eligible for the CNASF show, but was entered into the ALPACA show, placing second in his class! He was a bit of a mystery at check-in, his colour being very unique. The organizers opted to place him in the weanling grey class, rather than light fawn. When you open up his fleece, it is a beautiful grey/taupe colour, a hand-spinner's dream!!

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